Sony FX6 Cinema Line

Sony FX6

BE READY TO TELL AMAZING STORIES WITH THE SONY FX6 CINEMA LINE CAMERA. Inside a compact body that’s ready for grab-and-shoot action, the FX6 packs a highly sensitive, full-frame image sensor with the power to expand your moviemaking creativity. CAPTURE THE IMPOSSIBLE WITH EXPANDED ISO SENSITIVITY Capture usable images in…



ALEXA Mini LF – the go-to camera for drama, feature films and commercials. Features: Immersive large-format look Lower noise with higher usable sensitivity Highest dynamic range of any production camera Arri colour science for natural skin tones, easy colour correction and clean VFX Perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and…

Dedicated Lens Test Room

Featuring the game-changing technology of the Chrosziel P-TP7 II projector, Progressive Broadcast are proud to announce the opening of our bespoke fitted, dedicated lens test room. The space has been custom designed for the projector, featuring an anti-reflective projection wall, a fully dark room and a 5 metre length of track…

Arri Signature Primes

    The Arri Signature 125mm and 40mm are now in stock! Arri Signature primes offer a unique look, never seen before in cinema. Warm, smooth skin, open shadows with crisp blacks. Exceptionally soft bokeh for increased sense of separation – like looking through a window in the rain. Soft…

DJI Ronin 2 Now in Stock

Now in stock! The DJI Ronin 2 professional 3-axis stabilization system is built to excel in high-stress environments. Powerful, higher torque motors allow for bigger payloads and advanced power management. Ronin 2 empowers filmmakers to capture any scene their mind can create. It’s upgraded high torque motors allow it to…

New In – Sony PXW-X200s!

Sony PXW-X200

The Sony PXW-X200 follows on from the PMW200. Featuring dual SxS memory card slots for simultaneous recordings, cache recordings, Slow & Quick function, a 3.5 inch-type QHD (960 x 540) colour LCD panel and a 17x Fujinon professional HD zoom lens with three independent rings with end stops, able to zoom…

Canon Cinema EOS System Primes – now in!

The Canon Cinema EOS system primes provide spectacular optical performance for demanding high-end productions. Featuring a compact and consistent lens design, these lenses offer consistent form factors and markings optimized for motion picture production. Sharing the same gear position, diameter and rotation angle, and front diameter-the lenses’ compatibility with third-party accessories allows…

    maximum magnification at a working distance of 0.3 m.. This allows enough space for lighting, the camera operator, and the subject to work comfortably.
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    Large format cinematography in a small package: Tokina Vista

    Tokina Vista One - single coated optics.

    Tokina Vista With A Vintage Flare.

    Limited Edition Series Exclusive.

    Limited Production.

    Available now:

    Vista ONE 135mm T1.5 Review

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