Arri Signature Primes



The Arri Signature 21mm and 29mm are now in stock!

Arri Signature primes offer a unique look, never seen before in cinema.


Warm, smooth skin, open shadows with crisp blacks.

Exceptionally soft bokeh for increased sense of separation – like looking through a window in the rain.

Soft and delicate flares and unparalleled flexibility with the magnetic rear filter holder.

Fine details are beautifully rendered and there is no visible focus breathing and no distortion, for easy tracking.

The chromatic aberration is minimal, for a perfect key.

They produce optimal results with all sensors due to their near-telecentric design.

These are multi-award winning lenses.

The timeless look of Arri Signature primes with never go out of style.

Our kit now features eleven of the most popular lengths:

  • 18mm T1.8
  • 21mm T1.8
  • 25mm T1.8
  • 29mm T1.8
  • 35mm T1.8
  • 40mm T1.8
  • 47mm T1.8
  • 58mm T1.8
  • 75mm T1.8
  • 95mm T1.8
  • 125mm T1.8


And we also have the 150mm Arri Signature available to hire as a standalone lens.


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