Privacy Policy

Personal Data – Usage & Collection

If you are now or have been a customer of or supplier to Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd, we may require personal information in order to manage your account and / or provide you with access to our services.

Any such information will be used exclusively by Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd, our employees, suppliers, agents and any other relevant third-party entity such as may be required to set up and provide the services you have requested and respond to any requests made by you.

This data is held exclusively on Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd’s databases.

Your Personal Data

As our customer or supplier we may hold the following information about you in our databases.

  1. Your current and / or previous company names and / or trading names.
  2. Any addresses that you have supplied to us.
  3. Employee names of your staff, as supplied to us.
  4. Telephone numbers of your business and staff members, as supplied to us or publicly advertised by you.
  5. Email addresses of your business and staff members, as supplied to us or publicly advertised by you.
  6. Your company registration number.
  7. Your VAT registration number.
  8. Your Payment details.

We will use this information only for the purposes of enabling trade with you and / or your company and for the normal and general correspondence between our staff and you and your staff, on a normal day to day basis.

Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd will only use this data to communicate with you and will not pass this data on unless you have given us permission to do so, for purposes such as trade referrals or references.

Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd have not ever and will not ever sell this data and information.

The information that we hold is entered into secure databases in order to protect it.

Under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have certain rights in respect of your data.

These rights include:

  1. To ask us for a copy of any data we hold on you.
  2. To have us correct any data about you that is incorrect.
  3. To object to the use of your data.
  4. To have us provide your data to you in a usable format.
  5. To have your data deleted in certain circumstances.
  6. To lodge a complaint about the use of your data with the Information Commissioner.

If you have any questions or concerns about your personal data or if you require any changes to the data we hold for you, please email us at

General Enquires and the Processing of Hires, Sales and Repairs

Any occasion when you share your personal information with us, that information will only be used to provide the services and / or information to you that you have requested we provide to you. If it is retained, it will be retained on our secured databases.


When customers or suppliers require us to deliver items directly to them, of necessity some details will sometimes need to be passed to other businesses. This may include phone numbers, addresses, email addresses and the names of you and / or your staff.

If you require us to ship directly to your client, it is your responsibility to inform your end-user client of the following potential uses of their data:

  1. Their data will be passed to Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd and we may pass it to our couriers for the purposes of shipping and tracking, which may include live updates.
  2. Their data may be stored on Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd’s databases for the purposes of historical record keeping.
  3. Their data will never be used for direct marketing purposes.
  4. Their data will not be passed onto any third-parties other than aforementioned delivery agents, unless some other requirement necessitates it and in those circumstances, Progressive broadcast Hire Ltd will seek explicit permission before their data is shared.

Should any customer decide that they would like their details permanently deleted from our databases they can arrange this by contacting Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd at

Email Marketing

If you give us consent to contact you via our email marketing service, that consent will be recorded and may include the following:

  1. The name you provide to us
  2. Your permission statement
  3. The date and time of your consent being submitted
  4. Your IP address.

In this circumstance, it is important that you understand that we may utilise an email marketing provider to store that information and to send marketing emails to you. Beyond this specific use, your data will never be shared with any third party and you will have the right to unsubscribe from this service at any time.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may need to update this privacy policy from time to time and this will be done by updating this page.

You should review this page regularly.

Your continued use of our services or provision of services to us after any changes in this policy will be taken as an indication that you have read and accepted those changes. The date of any changes will be recorded on this page.

You should not use our services or provide services to us if you are not happy with this policy and / or any subsequent changes to it. Please tell us if those changes make you unhappy and will prevent you from using our service or providing services to us.

If you are not happy with this privacy policy and do not consent to your data being used in accordance with the details herein, please do not submit your personal information to us.

If you believe that your personal information has been provided to us without your consent, for instance by a third party and you do not agree with it being used or stored as outlined here in this privacy policy, please contact us at and we will deal with your request promptly, as outlined above.

Progressive Broadcast Hire Ltd – 17th May 2018.

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