Compact, lightweight and self-contained, the ARRI ALEXA Mini is a versatile additional tool in the ALEXA camera range.

Crews will find that the ALEXA Mini perfectly complements their ALEXA shooting kit, eliminating the complications of working with third-party cameras for specialized shots and keeping everything within a single system that is trusted all over the world.



The AMIRA features the same sensor and exceptional image quality as the Arri ALEXA, recording superior HD 1080 or 2K pictures that are suitable for any distribution format.

With a dynamic range of more than 14 stops, low noise levels, subtle highlight handling, natural color rendering, breathtaking skin tones and speeds of up to 200 fps, AMIRA will deliver beautiful, life-like images in any situation.


The ALEXA Plus – Arri’s extraordinary, film-style, digital motion picture camera – which marks the company’s first major transition into digital cinematography. It features modularity, PL lens mount, a Super 35 sized CMOS sensor shooting up to 2880 x 2160 resolution and supports uncompressed video or proprietary raw (ARRIRAW) data.


  • Running Software version 8.0
  • High Speed Licence option available – record up to 120 frames per second
  • DNXHD 145 (8bit 4:2:2) and DNxHD 220x (10 bit 4:2:2) – Avid Codec





The Sony 4K sensor provides gorgeous, super-sampled HD, 2K and 4K.
The PMW-F55 CineAlta camera shoots spectacular images with its 8.9 megapixels (effective) Sony 4K image sensor. You get superb dynamic range, the widest colour gamut, and pristine image quality, whether you shoot in HD, 2K or 4K with the optional AXS-R5 4k recorder.


Sony’s PMW-F3, featuring a Super35 CMOS sensor was designed with the benefit of two decades experience in Digital Cinematography, pioneering digital HD acquisition for feature films and broadcast TV through the legendary CineAlta product range.

It brings a true ‘film look’ and superior image quality into general reach.

Sony FS7

The Sony FS7 provides perfect comfort for handheld work without the need for rigs and cages and is able to work via adaptor with either our PL or EF mount lenses – allowing for a great deal of flexibility with regard to budgets. It records at up to 180fps and supports 2k and 4k recording via external recorder.


Canon’s ground-breaking professional cine camera, EOS C300 fuses Canon’s proven video technology and lens heritage with EOS creativity.
Interchangeable EF lenses give unprecedented creative freedom.

Both mark i and mark ii available.

The EOS C300 Mark ii captures stunning 4K/Full HD video with an incredible 15 stops of Dynamic Range, external RAW output and Canon Log2 to help realise your creative vision.


The Canon EOS 5D Mark III is a full-frame 22.3 MP DSLR with 61-point autofocus and 6fps continuous shooting. Capture high-quality Full HD movies, with manual control over everything from frame rate to audio.

The Sony α7S E-mount Camera is equipped with a full-frame sensor capable of full pixel readout on 4k video, packed into the smallest interchangeable lens digital camera.



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