Black Halation Diffusion

As already discussed, halation diffusion, provides an effect whereby a source of light acquires a halo in the shot.

The effect is produced by embedding tiny particles or meshes into the glass in order to scatter and diffuse the light.

In terms of manufacturing, black halation diffusion as opposed to white, differs in terms of the colour of some or all of those embedded materials. In terms of effect, black halation diffusion has less of an effect on the colours and reduces the effect on the contrast compared to white halation. It will keep features sharp but blend complexions smoothly and keep your black tones deep and rich.

Tiffen Black Diffusion FX  is a distinctive yet simple diffusion filter, able to reduce fine sharp detail and produce a minimal effect on bounced and reduced highlights. The Black Diffusion/FX gives the appearance of being non-destructive, partly by ensuring that any reduction in colour saturation is kept to a minimum. When used on close ups, facial features, such as eyes and hair remain sharp on the focal plane while finer but unwanted skin detail smoothly blends away.

Black Diffusion is kept in check by what is embedded in the filter, performing the jewel role in controlling the optical softening element form overly blurring specular highlights, which might otherwise cause stronger halation.

The distinctive look of Tiffen Black Net is a more classical softening that has minimal halation. Care is required when using any front mounted net as the weave may become apparent, if shot under specific circumstances, these being wide focal lengths with a wide iris setting. Other side effects may include light sources that become caught or dragged when the camera is panned or moved. In this wide angle image the practical light is showing signs of irregular flair. This aside, the look is still special, but it may be better suited to shooting still images.

Tiffen Black Pro-Mists have been on the scene for over thirty years and remain one of our most popular filters – with some clients making them a default option on their hires. Their beautiful, timeless effect, as with their white option, is a pronounced and glamorous halation. The black pro-mists layer the contrast in a unique and distinctive manner. At low density, the halation effect provides warmth without disturbing complexions. In heavier densities the effect is a very pronounced halation that will diffuse complexions noticeably.

The Tiffen Black Satin range of filters have been designed for modern digital cameras. Their halation effect is visible but never overpowering. Rather it is rounded and atmospheric without appearing overly filtered. Eyes and hair stay sharp but with a delicate lowering of contrast. Your images are made warmer and less clinical without breaking up the image. Black Satins are the perfect option to provide consistent control of the image with modern lenses.

Schneider’s Black Frost filters contain MicroPore particles which give very precise diffraction and diffusion, enriching blacks in an extraordinarily cinematic way but without glare.


Comparisons at Different Densities.


In the next post we’ll look at non halation diffusions but for more information on our range of diffusion filters and to make an enquiry, check out our full range here.


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