Covid 19 Update 2 – March 17th

As of Wednesday the 18th March, for the sake of the safety of our staff and your staff, we are moving all staff to home working.

We have put in place everything we need to do this.

Our office will be shuttered but our phones and emails will still be answered and we will still be able to service hires but collection and drop off of kit will be by appointment only.

As before, all kit will continue to be thoroughly sanitised with alcohol detergents between hires.

We wish you all well and hope you will be understanding that these changes are for everybody’s benefit.

COVID 19 update.

While we understand how frightening current events are, there is also, for now at least, a need to try and carry on – albeit with some new attention to the situation we are currently in.

So for now at least, our doors remain open. Should we be required to close, we have made provision for all staff members to work from home wherever possible and our phones and emails will continue to be answered.

To keep our staff and your staff safe, we are sanitising all equipment between rentals and all work surfaces and doors are being disinfected multiple times a day and staff are using disposable sterile gloves.

If there is any change to the ways in which we need to operate, we will post it here and on our social media channels.

But to reiterate, we are open for business, almost as usual.



Sony PXW-FX9 now in stock

The Sony PXW-FX9 is here!

You can realise beautiful 4K imagery with the creative freedom made possible by oversampling a huge high resolution full-frame sensor. Capture every detail from the scene with shallow depth of field and stunning bokeh with a truly cinematic look. 15+ stops of dynamic range and Dual Base ISO enable capture of every nuance, from subtle shadow detail to specular highlights and with an immaculate colour palette.

The Sony PXW-FX9 revolutionises full-frame cinematography with peerless ergonomics and advanced technology for on-the-go shooting. The world’s first full-frame electronic variable ND filter* transforms possibilities for shooting in variable lighting conditions. Built-in Wi-Fi and 12G-SDI support advanced workflows while the optional XDCA-FX9 extension unit further expands the operational possibilities of the PXW-FX9.

If you would like a demo, please just give us a call and make an appointment to come in.

Sony FX9

DJI Ronin-S Gimbal now in stock.

The DJI Ronin-S gives independent filmmakers the power to capture spontaneous moments with clarity, smoothness, and a refreshing perspective.  SmoothTrack applies to all three axes. Hold down the front trigger to transition from Upright to Underslung Mode in one seamless movement with no gimbal framework obstruction. New Sport Mode allows you to capture fast-moving scenes instantly.

The detachable, modular design of the Ronin-S makes it easy to fit inside a backpack on your travels. Thanks to the industry standard quick-release plate design, you can easily mount the camera onto the gimbal for tracking shots or on a tripod for stills.

A lightweight, remote control gimbal, perfect for shooting on DSLR.

Black Satins

By popular demand….Black Satin filter kits (1/4 – 3) in PV and 6×6 now in.




Tiffen Black Satins can be applied to purposely reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles while providing an intentional warming effect with granularity over an entire image. This can be useful for creating a more flattering result of a subject while highlights are softened, contrast is reduced, and textures are given a smoother appearance. Additionally, halations around highlights are created which can further enhance a subject’s appearance or produce a desired effect while overall sharpness is maintained.

Softens contrast and highlights
Reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles
Provides a smoother appearance of textures while maintaining overall sharpness
Creates halation effect around highlights
Intentional warming effect with granularity over an entire image
Constructed from water white glass for optical clarity