OB & Events

Mini OB truck

Need an inexpensive, portable Outside Broadcast set up?

Our bespoke fitted van can accommodate our OB multi-cam systems, providing an easy and affordable solution for sporting events, music festivals etc.

8 channel OB system

Full flyaway OB rig

Our staffed Mini-OB set-up, utilises Telecast Copperhead systems with lightweight but highly reliable optical fibre cabling. This system can facilitate anything up to 8 camera channels.

The fibre cable system can carry audio, 4k video, comms, tally, camera control* and return video* on a single cable, greatly speeding up OB set up time.

Available for indoor events or housed in our bespoke fitted vehicle for outdoor events, our Mini-OB kit can handle full HD recording on up to 8 channels, with comprehensive remote camera control via Sony RCP1500 control panels.

The production box features:

  • Panasonic AV-HS400A Vision Mixer
  • Ki-Pro Rack for external recording
  • Copperhead Base Station
  • Tally & comms distribution

The Engineering box features:

  • RCP1500 camera control units
  • 17″ Grade 1 monitor
  • Scopes

The optical cabling can handle signals over a range of anything up to 10km – much further than traditional copper cabling, making this an ideal system for live music and sporting events.

*Subject to camera compatibility

Vision mixers/switchers

Panasonic AV-HS400A

Our mini OB truck utilises the Panasonic AV-HS400A. This is compatible with various HD/SD formats.

  • The AV-HS400A lets you up-convert and mix SD signals with HD and is compatible with virtually all common input devices.
  • Compact design with multi-format compatibility for use in studio or mobile production systems worldwide.
  • Multi-viewer function allows users to select and arrange each individual split-screen image
  • Additional advanced features include picture-in-picture (PIP), luminance key, Aux Bus and downstream key (DSK) functions
  • Designed with workflow-friendly functions including on-screen display of menus, SD Card slot for transferring still images and programmable user buttons.
  • Up to 43 transition effects, including 3D digital effects with page turns and rotations, as well as standard wipe, squeeze and slide patterns
  • Modular interface includes Ethernet, RS-422 remote, Tally output and GPI input.
  • Optional I/O boards include: dual HD/SD-SDI inputs (with SD up-conversion); dual HD/SD component inputs (with up-conversion); dual DVI inputs (up to WXGA 1280×768); dual Component outputs for maximum compatibility with legacy systems; and a component/DVI output (scalable up to 1920×1200 for large venue displays).
  • Reference (black burst) signal outputs are also provided to enable synchronization with external systems.
  • Rack-mountable and self-contained (great for flight-packs and small control rooms.


The AW-HS50 is a compact live switcher with a MultiViewer display function for professional HD production.

  • Five inputs : Four SDI inputs and one DVI-D input come standard.
  • Three outputs : Two SDI outputs and one DVI-D output come standard.
  • The AW-HS50 supports a variety of HD/SD formats, including 1080/24PsF, as standard. System frequency is 59.94 Hz/50 Hz/24 Hz switchable. This makes it ideal for digital cinema production and worldwide operation.
  • A Frame Synchronizer is embedded in all inputs. This enables asynchronous video signals to be switched without glitches.
  • Transitions : 13 wipe patterns and mixes.


Copperhead fibre optic camera link

Telecast Copperheads

The CopperHead 3200 system is a robust fiber optic link between your camcorder and your truck or control room.

The system will simultaneously transport both digital (SDI or HD-SDI) and analog (NTSC or PAL) program video, as well as all two-way camera control, audio, video, data, tally/call and intercom signals between the camera unit and the base station.


  • All camera signals on a single lightweight fibre cable
  • Broadcast quality video and audio
  • Return HD video
  • Two-channel intercom
  • Long distance range (up to 10km)
  • Battery mount options for Anton/Bauer or V-Mount
  • Low power consumption

Blackmagic ATEM

As with copperheads, there are two ATEM converters for use at opposite ends of a live camera connection.

ATEM Camera Converter converts your camera’s SDI or HDMI output to optical fiber, with embedded external audio and talkback from the camera position. The machined aluminum design is lightweight, strong and includes an internal long life battery for increased portability. ATEM Studio Converter’s rack mount design has 4 bi-directional optical fiber connections so you can connect multiple camera converters and convert the optical fiber input to SDI and de-embed audio using XLR connections.

Sony RCP1500 CCU

The RCP-1500 is highly versatile control panels with a touch panel LCD display and user friendly buttons which makes it a remote control panel that offers both ease of operation and multi-functionality which compares favorably with the MSU. The iris and master black adjustment block employs joystick type control.

Illuminated buttons with high visibility flash and light to notify you of the operation status to enable operation even in dark locations.




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