Tokina Vista Ones (Set of 4)

beautiful single coated optics

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Tokina Vista Ones, 35mm Primes – Beyond Full Frame.

Tokina Vista Ones are beautiful single coated optics.

You can control contrast and flare with the single coated aspheric front element. One creative vision provides multiple choices, enabling you to transition from vintage to modern looks with ease. The choice is yours.

The high resolution single coated modern optics feature a free form design for visual acuity which matches the human eye.

The fast T1.5 lenses have sensor coverage which is well beyond full frame. You can keep your subject right where you left it with our virtually zero breathing optical design. Tokina Vista One provides precision and versatility for the future.

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Set two – a compressed set of 4

      • 25mm
      • 35mm
      • 50mm
      • 85mm


Single Coated Optics.

Vista One are a modification of the standard Vista series lenses from Tokina Cinema. The fragile wavefront design of the Vista series allow for a pleasing flare that is taken to more extreme limits in the single coated Vista One series.

The front element receives a proprietary single coating technology applied to both the concave and convex surfaces of the front element. There are different coating types applied to each surface controlling the flare in ways that a simple polish and new coating would not provide if done by a 3rd party manufacturer.

The Flare

The Tokina Vista One flare is heavily diffused with a strong blue colour inclusion at wider apertures and secondary and tertiary flares coming in a green colour that are normal for the Vista series. The green colour is easily rendered to a white colour in post allowing for a strong blue flare to remain after post production.

If higher kelvin light sources are used such as HMI then the flare turns white while still maintaining detail. The look of the flare is retained up to T5.6 which is relatively unique as most single or uncoated lenses will often lose their characteristic when stopped down just one or two stops.

Many single or uncoated lenses loose significant resolution in the white points of the image to the point of recording no information on the sensor in certain areas of flare. The Vista One retain resolution and detail even in the strongest flare making them more versatile and giving more freedom in creative choices.

The single coating allows for very little flare on-axis making the the Vista One behave much like standard Vista series lenses when the on-set lighting is generally diffused without light sources in frame. The off-axis flare allows for maximum creative control with some diffusion making this series a versatile choice.

The Vista One series are a limited quantity manufacture lens series from Tokina Cinema.

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