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The FI+Z  Preston LCS is a 3-channel lens and camera control system. This latest version of an industry classic brings together robust construction, high precision and intuitive operation.

The Preston LCS system can control both lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR).

The Preston FI+Z system consists of the HU3 hand unit, a set of Digital Motors, a Micro Force zoom control, and optional controls including wireless Focus/Iris, and Zoom for splitting of functions from the main HU3 hand unit.

HU3 Handset

The HU3 gives focus pullers not only a robust and reliable unit but one whose controls equip the focus puller to smoothly translate the changing actors’ positions on set to a precise movement of the focus knob. It integrates its 30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link into a new splash-resistant housing.

Weather sealed tactile switches are used throughout. The integrated microwave antenna is protected from impact.

The iris slider uses a unique non contact technology to eliminate the opening required for a conventional sliding seal.


The Motor Driver MDR3 accepts commands from the Hand Units connected via the wireless microwave link or cable, and controls up to four digital motors as well as camera functions for both film and video cameras.

Motor Cables

Motor Cables are available with both straight and right angle LEMO configurations. The right angle configuration is used when minimum cable outline is most important – for example in Steadicam applications.

Camera Cables allow the Motor Driver to control both the start/stop, speed, and shutter angle function for film cameras and the VTR function for digital cameras.

Additional hand units allow camera and lens control functions to be split off from the main hand unit. Using these tools, each crew member can position him/herself wherever it is most advantageous.

The Focus/Iris unit takes over the iris or focus function (switch selected). The Radio Micro Force module together with a Micro Force control splits off the zoom function.

Focus/Iris Unit

The Focus/Iris (F/I) unit is a wireless, single channel control. It can be used with the FI+Z system to take over the Iris or Focus function from the FI+Z Hand unit.

When the F/I unit is powered, the FI+Z motor driver recognizes its presence and gives it control of either the Focus or Iris function of the FI+Z Hand unit as selected by the user.

The module has a bright LED bargraph display of lens position. End limits can be set with the touch of a button and are shown as illuminated bars. A tri-color LED is used to indicate signal strength. Additional LED displays show the radio channel, power /battery status, and camera run/stop indication.

A soft urethane grip makes for comfortable operation and solid ergonomics.

Marking discs slide over the knob onto an index pin.

Power is provided by a FM-500H Li-Ion battery, allowing for approximately 8 hours of operation.



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