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4×4 ND Straights – Neutral Density Filter Set.

Neutral density filters – 4×4 ND Straights – are colourless filters that remove light evenly across all spectrums.

Neutral density filters are used to lengthen exposure time, or allow the shooter to use a larger aperture.

Common uses are:
  • Creating shallow depth of field during daytime

  • Making water appear misty and ethereal

  • Removing people from busy areas

  • Transforming clouds and skies

  • Adjust exposure on cinema cameras because shutter duration is fixed

ND filters are available between 1-10 stops of density, plus 13 & 16 stops for long exposure. The density of the ND is written either in the number of stops, or using the traditional density scale.

  • 0.3 = 1 stop

  • 0.6 = 2 stops

  • 0.9 = 3 stops

  • 1.2 = 4 stops

Be careful to note the difference. For example, a 6 stop filter could be labeled “1.8”, but a two stop filter could be labeled “0.6.”

So 3-4 stop ND filters – ie 0.9 and 1.2 allow street photographers to shoot their fast lenses “wide-open” even during the middle of the day.





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