Arri MB-20 Modular Matte Box

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The ARRI MB-20 Compact Matte Box is a versatile, modular matte box designed primarily for the high definition video market, but can equally well be used with 16 or 35 format film cameras. Interchangeable modules allow for either rod mounted, swing-away operation or for clamping directly onto the lens.

The heart of the matte box is the Basic Module, in front of which can be fitted the removable Sunshade and Top, Bottom and Side Flags. Interchangeable Hard Mattes can be snapped into the front of the Sunshade.

The back of the Basic Module accepts a 2 or 3 Filter Stage – all filters are individually rotatable.

The right-hand edge of the Basic Module mates with one of 2 support systems:

The Clamp-on Adapter

In this mode the matte box clamps directly to the front of the lens. The Clamp-on Adapter used alone fits
lenses with a front diameter of 130mm. A range of Adapter Rings reduces the basic 130mm diameter down to as little as 80mm to work with a wide variety of lenses.

The Swing Away Module

The Swing Away Module offers all the features of a production matte box, where the matte box is mounted on support rods and the entire front section swings forward to facilitate lens changes. To the Swing Away Module is fitted either the Console for Lightweight Support or the Console for 235 Side Bracket. The Console for Lightweight Support mounts directly on 15mm Lightweight Support Rods or, with the addition of an adapter, onto 15mm or 19mm studio support rods. The Console for 235 Side Bracket allows the matte box to be used with an ARRIFLEX 235 fitted with Side Bars.

In Swing Away mode the rear of the filter stage is fitted with the Back 138mm Bellows Adapter. This accepts a selection of 138mm and 4 1⁄2” Filter Rings, which offers the addition of a further, round, rotatable filter. The filter rings combine with Connection or Adapter Rings to work with lenses of different front diameters. (See the Configuration Overview on pages 2 & 3 of this guide for details).

The Basic Module is the core plate of the Matte Box in front of which the sunshade and flags are mounted. Behind it is fitted either a two or three stage filter holder. One edge has two mounting holes which allow either the Clamp-on Adapter or Swing Away Module to be fitted.

Datasheet here.



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