Dedicated Lens Test Room

Featuring the game-changing technology of the Chrosziel P-TP7 II projector, Progressive Broadcast are proud to announce the opening of our bespoke fitted, dedicated lens test room.

The space has been custom designed for the projector, featuring an anti-reflective projection wall, a fully dark room and a 5 metre length of track and heavy duty legs on skater wheels.

The Chrosziel lens test projector P-TP7 has been awarded the Cine Gear Expo 2019 Technical Award in the category “Other Technology”.

The projector is dedicated for large format lenses and comes with LED light engine, filter and glass insert and metadata handling.

Optimized for lens service professionals, the P-TP7 Chrosziel lens test projector was developed with the cooperation of ARRI.
The result is a projector that was built with highest precision below 5μm plane parallelism between mount and reticle. Also, the engineers focused on a user-friendly and multi-functional projector built to last.

Technical details:

  • Glass & Filter Insert3×3

Glass Insert between Lens Mount and Reticle simulates the glass way (up to 5 mm thickness) of a specific camera.3×3 Filter Insert between Light Engine and Reticle allows insert of color correction filters (up to 4.6 mm thickness).

  • 60mm LED Image Circle

The LED light source illuminates evenly an image circle of 60 mm diameter to simulate camera sensors up to XPL / medium format!

  • Multiport for Lens Data & Control

Two Multiport Data Convertor to USB connectors situated on both sides of the projector allow electronical lens data access (eg /i-Data and LDS meta data)

  • Access to Centering Screws of Zooms
  • Laser Rangefinder
  • Manual & Remote Back Focus
  • Interchangeable large universal mount
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