Diversity Radio Mics

diversity radio mics

 Audio 2040s:

Audio 2040 transmitters and receivers have 32 pre-programmed frequencies, with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz, which is the equivalent of three European TV channels, or four US channels.

Despite its host of new features, the transmitter remains the same size as its predecessor the TX2020, and is fully backward compatible with earlier Audio systems.


Professional Sound Recordist and Cameraman’s choice for ENG, EFP, Drama, Filming and Location recording with secured Diversity reception even at hostile RF environments.

Operating on 16 Channels over three UHF bands in Europe and four UHF bands in USA and Canada (24MHz).

The kit is supplied with SDR116 small diversity receiver, with two antennas and audio output cable; TX716-A body-worn Transmitter with belt clip and antenna all in a small carrying case


SRb Series feature two-channel slot-mount Digital Hybrid Wireless® diversity receivers. The SR receiver offers two independent channels and fits into the standard video camera slots found on professional cameras.

The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input.

There are two options available for transmitters – the single battery SMB/E01 and the twin battery SMDB/E01 – which allows for longer operating time.

The input section features the unique servo bias input circuitry with a standard TA5M type jack for use with electret lavaliere mics, dynamic mics, or line level signals.

A DSP-controlled analog audio limiter is employed before the A-D converter.

The limiter has a range of more than 30 dB for excellent overload protection and a dual release envelope that makes the limiter acoustically transparent while maintaining low distortion. The limiter recovers quickly from brief transients, with no audible side effects, and also recovers slowly from sustained high levels to keep audio distortion low while preserving short term dynamics.


Handheld radio mics

The Sennheiser EW 135 G3 is sturdy but versatile, wireless, handheld radio microphone system.



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