Matte Boxes

Arri LMB

Arri LMB – Lightweight, clip-on Matte Boxes.

Available options are

  • Arri LMB5  –
    • Equipped with two push-through 4″ x 5.65″ filter frames as well as with attachments for a light shield.
    • The matte box is attached directely to the front ring of the lens with a clamp adapter of appropriate diameter.
  • Arri LMB6 –
    • 2- or 3-filter metal stage guides
    • 6.6″ x 6.6″ filter frames
    • Hood ready for wide-angle lenses up to Ultra Prime 8R (Ansi 35 mm)
    • Dedicated carbon fiber top / bottom flag
  • Arri LMB25 –
    • 2- or 3-filter metal filter stage guide
    • Combo 4×4 / 4×5.65″ filter frames
    • Compatible with all LMB-5/15 filter frames, Clamp Adapters and light shields
    • Wide angle hood easily removable on set with captive screws
    • Securing loop on main frame for crane and vehicle use

Arri MB20 production matte box

The MB20 is a modular Matte Box system that can be adapted for use on film and video camera lightweight supports, bridge plate support rods, or as a clamp-on sunshade.


  • cage design allows for use of videography-style light shields without sacrificing durability, and gives full protection of the sunshade against shocks.
  • Designed for film and digital cameras
  • Works with wide-angle HD zooms
  • Modular construction allows all mounting options
  • Offers up to three independently rotating filter stages
  • Accommodates a wide range of filter sizes
  • All filters can be individually rotated and locked off
  • Can be equipped with top, bottom, side flags and masks

Arri MB19 production matte box

The Arri MB19 is a compact, lightweight production matte box.


  • Filter size 4″ x 5.65″ / round 138mm
  • Compact lightweight matte box for medium-wide primes, 16 mm and HD zooms.
  • Compatible with ARRI lightweight support.

Chrosziel Matte boxes

Chrosziel ENG Matte box systems


  • Clip on 110mm back
  • Clip on 130mm back
  • Clip on or bars mounted 104mm back

All available with a variety of ring sizes.

Genus Matte boxes

15mm bar mounted GWMC Genus Matte Box Systems.
Please specify if you require the GMKHEB height extension bracket for the bar mount.

Vocas matte boxes

15mm bar mounted Vocas Matte Box system, suitable for smaller cameras, such as the X200



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