Kino Flos

The Celeb® 200 DMX LED produces a soft, even wraparound light quality and produces color faithfully on HD or film, in the studio or on location.
The Celeb 200 measures 24” x 14” (61cm x 35.5cm) and is similar in profile and light output as the popular Diva-Lite 401.


    • Kelvin presets and custom settings between 2700-5500K
    • Universal Input 100VAC-240VAC or 24VDC
    • Onboard and DMX dimming
    • Flicker-free, dead quiet operation
    • Center Mount, Yoke Mount and Pole-Op
    • Honeycomb Louver
    • Gel Frame


Diva Lights

Another great portable option are Kino Flo’s famous portable fluorescent kits. Supplied with stands and with both daylight and tungsten tubes as standard.

Available options:

    • 2 bank Diva-lite
    • 4 foot, 4 bank



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