B4 Mount

HD cinestyle lenses

The best optical tools in electronic cinematography, HD-EC zoom lenses have been refined using Canon’s exclusive Power Optical System featuring the X-Element, a unique high definition system that combines exceptional performance with enhanced specifications.
These lenses have traditional film style feel and operation. Zoom, Focus and Iris indications are engraved with dual large luminous scales (focus distance marked in feet).
Gear rings are compatible with studio focus rigs, manual fluid zoom drives and motorized control systems used for film lenses.
Not only are the lenses realised to diminish distortions and focus breathing to zero level while maintaining the traditional film style feel of the picture, the lens also represents high affordability, all of which combine to offer total satisfaction.

Available options:

    • HJ21x7.5B KLL-SC
    • HJ11x4.7B KLL-SC

Canon ENG lenses

We carry a wide range of HD and SD ENG Canon lenses – compatible with our range of XDCam, HDcam and Digibeta Camcorders.

HD Options:

  • HJ40 Superlong
  • HJ22 Long
  • HJ11 Wide
  • HJ14 Superwide


SD Options:

  • J14 Drama lens
  • J16 Standard length
  • J21 Long
  • J22 Long
  • J11 Wide



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