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Ronford 48" Slider

Ultra high precision slider.  Supplied with precision ground stainless steel runners and rollers, 360 degree lockable rotation and adjustable magnetic stops.

The slider is CNC machined from high tensile aluminium stress relieved ‘Tooling Plate’, and anodised to suit. Designed for maximised carriage travel, with a minimum height of 4 ¾” (12 cm). Mitchell to Mitchell fitting, with an overall width of just 10″ (25 cm). The whole unit has a lockable rotation of 360 degrees.

Ultra high precision, ground stainless steel runners and rollers.

  • 360 degree lockable rotation
  • ‘Soft stop’ adjustable buffers or adjustable magnetic stops



Ronford Hi-hat

The Ronford-Baker hi hat is a very convenient mounting platform for low angle camera positions.

Available Options:

  • 100ml Bowl
  • 150ml Bowl
  • Moy


A great alternative to a tripod for certain kinds of shots.
Hi tech foam balls push the sides of the bag tight up against the camera, holding it rock steady.
The bottom of the Cinesaddle molds itself to the shape of the object it is positioned upon, preventing it from slipping
High tech beans inside the Cinesaddle absorb vibration, providing a very stable surface for the camera.


The Glidetrack is used to achieve tracking shots over a distance of anything up to 5 feet for small format cameras.

Egripment power grip car mount

The Egripment Powergrip is a versatile and heavy duty suction cup which can be used for mounting a camera on surfaces such as vehicles.

Rolling Spider

The Rolling Spider is a set of wheels which mount beneath a tripod, providing a great way of enabling quick relocations of the camera.


prosup tango roller

The Tango Roller is a lightweight roller system, with extremely smooth wheels, designed around the principles of a dolly.

Quintolator vibration isolator

Designed to be used with brushless gimbal rigs, the Quintolator vibration isolator featuring 5 x wire isolators can dampen vibration from hard mounting such as car rigs, cranes and cable-cam trolleys.

The base model is designed to take gimbals using either Movi, Gremsy or Flyonix Ronin Quick release adaptors and cameras weighing up to 10kg.



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