A lightweight gimbal for DSLR cameras, the DJI Ronin-S gives independent filmmakers the power to capture spontaneous moments with clarity, smoothness, and a refreshing perspective.

The DJI Ronin 2 professional 3-axis stabilization system is built to excel in high-stress environments. Powerful, higher torque motors allow for bigger payloads and advanced power management. Ronin 2 empowers filmmakers to capture any scene their mind can create.

It’s upgraded high torque motors allow it to support a wider range of cameras, resist high winds and G-forces caused when mounted to a car and keep it moving smoothly in flight.


The Denz rig is supplied with most of our C300s, to provide mounting points and a suitable set up for handheld shots.


The easyrig provides support for extended handheld work.


  • Cinema – for cameras in the 25 – 35kg band such as the Arri Alexa, secured with two straps accross the torso.
  • Camcorder – smaller, with a single torso strap, for standard ENG size cameras or smaller.
  • Mini – for cameras up to 7kg.


The Vocas support system for the F55 comprises of a plate and comfortable wooden handles, to facilitate shoulder mounting the camera.


Moose bars are a universal stabilisation system, made of high tensile aluminium, with comfortable, padded double handles.

Ronford Baker moosebar with stop/start button

The Ronford Baker switched moose bar handle provides trigger operation for all Arri, Red and Sony cameras.

  • Switch can be rotated to enable right or left hand, finger or thumb operation.
  • Manufactured out of high tensile aluminium.
  • Fitted with comfortable soft foam grip handles.
  • Handles are fitted with rosettes that are adjustable at 6o increments and are lockable in the required position.

Protech Rig

The IDX rigs facilitate shoulder mounting and provide a plate for mounting V-lock batteries on small format cameras such as the EX3.



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