Eyedirects and drapes



The Eyedirect is a photographic device that guarantees eye contact from any subject, regardless of age or mood, effortlessly allowing you to capture eye contact without stress.

  • The Eyedirect Mark II accommodates the larger, professional cameras like a Red, Alexa or Amira with large zooms.
  • The lightweight, Folding Eyedirect Mark E has the same functionality as the Mark II but with a compact design to suit DSLR or prosumer cameras; with new, longer baseplate. It is lightweight enough to use with a monopod – or even handheld and it folds to fit in a backpack for travel ease.

Both models of EyeDirect® use a patented combination of mirror and beamsplitter to guarantee eye contact with any interview subject, regardless of age or mood. Subjects see the interviewer’s face while actually looking directly into the camera’s lens.

Both EyeDirects allow interviewers to be on either side of the camera and both can be easily converted into an AutoCue or TelePrompter with an iPad or tablet. Our iPad, with PrompterPal software is available as an optional extra for this. PrompterPal allows for multiple files, is very easy to operate and additionally, can be remote controlled with most iOS devices, via a free app.




Screens and Lastolites

We have a selection of drapes, reflectors and lastolites to suit most purposes – including a 10′ x 10′ green screen and a head and shoulders sized Green Lastolite which are both suitable for chromakey work.

All are provided with stands and if required, polecats.



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