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The Sony HXR-MC1P is a compact and easy to mount recording system which can be left in places that would be otherwise difficult to film.

The HXR-MC1P is an easy to use HD camera system, consisting of a small camera head and a handheld controlling unit with LCD panel and recording function.

This tiny all-in-one camera system needs no extra equipment – simply take it out and start shooting. Also, the camera unit is splash-proof, allowing safe use in tough outdoor conditions, such as rain or when you are shooting near water.

The camera is also ideal for shooting wildlife – party due to the small size of the unit and also because  with a continuous recording time of up to 405 minutes (6 hours 45 minutes), the camera can be left for long periods to ensure you capture the right footage. You can also slide the camera through grass and foliage to capture the insect world.



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