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We have 2 * PDW 700 XDCam units available for sale.

We have 6 * B4 Mount, HD, ENG Canon lenses for sale:

  • Canon HJ21X7.5BIASD
  • Canon HJ22x8IASD
  • Canon HJ11e x4.7B IASE
  • Canon HJ11 cinestyle
  • Canon Hj21 cinestyle
  • J14 drama lens

We have 3 * Sony EX3 cameras for sale.

We have 1 * Sony EX1 camera for sale.

We have 2 * Sony HDCam HDW650WSP camcorder units for sale

We have 2 * Sony DVW650WSP digibeta camcorder units for sale.

We have 1 * Sony DSR450 DV Camcorder for sale

We have 1 * Sony PMW500 XDCam camcorder for sale.

We have 1 * Sony PMW F3 available for sale

We have 2 * Canon 5D mk3 cameras for sale.

We have 3 * Canon C300 Mk1 cameras for sale.



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Allows 35mm PL mount lenses to be attached to a 2/3″ video camera, thereby imbuing it with the advantages of 35mm shooting.
Depth of field, contrast and colours are all improved and more natural.


Portable video walkman with the ability to record SD resolution and play back HDV resolution, view content on its built-in 7″ TFT 16:9 LCD screen, or output 1080/60i and 720/30p signals to an HD display.

We have 2 * kits of Audio 2040 radio mics available for sale.

Audio 2040 transmitters and receivers have 32 pre-programmed frequencies, with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz, which is the equivalent of three European TV channels, or four US channels.

Despite its host of new features, the transmitter remains the same size as its predecessor the TX2020, and is fully backward compatible with earlier Audio systems.



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