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Schulz Spray Offs.001

Schulz Sprayoffs are lightweight rain deflectors that attach within the the space of a matte box front filter holder and can be powered direct from the camera. They have a large optical width to cover even wide-angle lenses. Both options are available with a remote control unit.

Available Options:

  • Sprayoff Micro – 500g, using 0.3 amps of power, disc diameter 118 mm
  • Sprayoff Mini – 980gr, using 0.8 amps of power, disc diameter 169 mm


The Alexa / Amira Scubacam bag is a black polyurethane housing which is coated onto a high tenacity polyamide webbing and heat sealed to clear viewing windows.


  • 1 x 68cm zip which conforms to the U.K. M.o.D. Interim Defenc e Standard 53-100/1.
  • Dimensions: Length: 70cm. Height: 35cm. Width: 43cm.
  • Weight: 6.5 kgs
  • Front Port: 6mm. Optical flat, coated with a non-stick polymer.
  • Leak Alarm: 9 volt tone generator max. output 95db.
  • Dump Valve: Apex low profile automatic.
  • Max Depth: NO MORE THAN 4 METRES.
  • Lens: Maximum wide angle is 14mm; external follow focus fitted as standard.
  • Start/Stop: Accessible through fingerstall in side of housing.


Underwater housings with a depth rating of up to 10 metres.


  • C300 EF Mount
    To fit lenses with a maximum length 145mm (5.7inches).
    To fit lenses with a maximum filter thread size of 82mm.

    • length 270mm (10.63 inches)
    • width 120mm (4.73 inches)
    • height 340mm (13.4 inches)
    • position of view finder top, in a tubus.
    • front port diameter 100 mm
    • weight 750 g (1,6 lbs)
  • Sony HVR-Z1 / 5
    Designed for the Sony HVR-Z1 but the HDR-FX1000 and HVR-Z5 are a perfect fit as well.

    • length 39 cm (15 1/3 inches)
    • width 12 cm (4 3/4 inches)
    • hight 24 cm (9 1/2 inches)
    • position of view finder wide, central
    • front port diameter 75 mm (3 inches)
    • weight 850 g (1,9 lbs)


The Portabrace Polar Jacket is a padded insulating jacket which enables safe use of cameras at below zero temperatures.


  • ENG
  • Small format.


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