A director’s viewfinder like no other. Built upon the Artemis Director’s Viewfinder app – which works on mobile devices – our Artemis Prime kit includes a 4G enabled iPad Pro. The Artemis Prime covers all formats up to Super 35mm and it is able to accurately display any motion picture camera recording format using spherical or any anamorphic format lenses.


We carry a range of the latest industry standard monitors, to suit any commercial or drama project.

Available options:

  • Sony A250 25″ OLED
  • Sony OLED 1741 – 17″
  • Sony Reference Monitor – 14″
  • Astro WM-3014 HD LCD Waveform Monitor 6″
  • Panasonic LCD 17″
  • TV Logic LCD – 17″
  • Apple Cinema Screen 24″


We also have a comprehensive selection of portable and on-board monitors for use on location.

Available options:

  • Sony OLED 740 – HD/SDI & HDMI 7″
  • Sony LCD LMD940 – HD/SDI & HDMI 9″
  • Sony LCD 9050 LCD – HD/SDI 9″
  • Sony 9030 – SD/SDI 9″
  • Marshall – HDMI 5″
  • TV Logic – HD/SDI & HDMI 6″
  • Transvideo LCD – composite 6.5″


Available Options

  • Cam-wave:

    a transmitting and receiving set, which slot between a V-lock battery plate and it’s battery, allowing the camera to transmit to a corresponding unit, located within 50 metres line of sight.

  • Transvideo Rainbow Superbright LCD – 6.5″:A compact monitor with wireless receiving capability built in. Its transmitting unit is attached to the camera rig and powered from the camera.



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