A Jib arm adds a third dimension to your shot selection. For example, a pan and tilt head gives you horizontal and vertical motion from a fixed axis. The Projib pans, tilts and tracks, to let you change your point-of-view.

The Prosup E-Jib:

The prosup is an ergonomic jib, adjustable both front and rear of the pivot point.

    • Easy to transport and fits most 100mm heads
    • It is also a great companion item for the Prosup Track and Dolly, being directly compatible with it.
    • Weight is 16kg

The Miller Projib

The Miller jib weighs only 11.4kg

  • Both jibs have an easy one-man set-up
  • Vertical, horizontal and diagonal tracking from ground to 2.5m
  • Handles payloads from 5kg to 25kg
  • Supplied with 30kg of counterbalance weights and Ronford-Baker tall legs (if required).


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